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Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

"when the market tanked... I managed to make 300% profits on my trades!"

I was quite worried when the market suddenly tanked... but I stayed true to the methodology Thomas taught me - and I managed to make 300% profits on my trades! I'm glad I hung on to the trade even though it was moving very slowly initially... and it's all thanks to this wonderful and dependable methodology!

Tina Tan
Polytechnic Lecturer

"... I took a lot of financial courses but Thomas' methodology is still the best to me up till now!"

I have made pretty decent bucks since I applied Thomas' methodology to my trading since end of March 2015 till now. I think the key here is "belief". You can't do anything well if you don't have full belief in it... and Thomas has given me that belief. I took a lot of financial courses but Thomas' methodology is still the best to me up till now!

Thomas Lai
Business Owner

"... right after learning his methodology, I started making a few thousand dollars in profits!"

Prior to learning Thomas' methodology, I was losing money in the stock market... especially with Singapore stocks. But right after learning his methodology, I started making a few thousand dollars in profits! I definitely will continue using your methodology as the base for my trading! I'm so impressed by how powerful your method is that I brought my two daughters down to attend your program because I wanted them to be equipped with trading as a life-skill!

Ong Ah Choon
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Thomas Yin is a trading expert that other experts go to when they want to bring their trading to a whole new level. He has been teaching his proven Trade-To-Win strategy to fund manager, analysts, brokers and working professionals from all walks of life.

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About The Trainer

Thomas Yin has over 20 years of trading experience - trading in different markets from forex, to stocks, to options, to futures. With students in over 5 countries, he has helped his students generate 5 to 6 figures of annual trading income than any other experts today. And, aspiring traders fly in to Singapore from around the region -- for a single day of guidance with Thomas to learn his renowned Trade To Win strategy.
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