Fact: Many Singaporeans Are Using This Strategy To Accumulate Wealth From The Stock Market
"O.M.B. Investing STRATEGY"
... and how this helped many Ordinary Singaporeans create their source of additional incomes.
(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)


  • Discover the proven investing strategies that you can apply to profit from the stock market. Learn how you can make an additional and consistent stream of income​ effortlessly once you knew about these strategies.
  • ​Uncover the Secrets of Investing. By using the "O.M.B. Investing Strategy", it enables you to spot profitable stocks within minutes! No longer do you need to spend hours of your time reading complicated financial statements and annual reports.
  • ​Build an indestructible portfolio of stocks that generates you money over and over again. By knowing what are the right stocks to invest, your portfolio of profitable stocks will keep generating you passive income even during a market downturn.
  • Investing is essential if you are living in Singapore. Even if you have little to zero knowledge in the stock market, this workshop will help you kickstart your investing journey and groom you to becoming a successful investor.
  • And much, much more…
(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)
Why The "O.M.B. Investing Strategy" Is The Proven Methodology To Succeed In The Stock Market?
Simply because unlike most other investing strategies...
(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)
Many Beginners Are Learning How To Master 
This Powerful Strategy For Themselves
(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)

"OMB Is The Best Investment Course I Have Taken"

As 2017 comes to a close, I would like to say OMB is the best investment course I have taken.

It is an all rounded course, which teaches me how to;
- Analyse a company
- When to enter & exit
- Advanced Option strategy
- Most importantly having well balanced portfolio

With all the trainers (esp. Yuancheng), I will not be able to achive a 19.7% realised ROI.
Looking forward to your guidance into 2018 & beyond, and contributing to OMB community further.

Scott Lim

"Passive Income Using Proven Strategy!"

Despite using value investing as my core strategy, it couldn't fulfill something which I was looking for (consistent passive income).

Ken cuts short our learning curve and just asks us to focus on a few proven methodology, and the rest is history.

Most importantly, Ken will teach you how to hedge and risk management (the most important part).

I highly recommend you to sign up.


"Sincere And Genuine!"

Thank you everyone for your generous sharing and support!

I have never come across a community as caring, I mean really sincere and genuine in wanting to make a difference to someone else, to really help, to really give a hand.

You guys are awesome!

(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)

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(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)
Here’s the REAL challenge…
Yuan Cheng shares his knowledge regularly with large crowds of investors in private and mega events. His investing and coaching journey has led him to learn from world renowned investors like Mary Buffett, Asia Buffetologist Sean Seah and World Public Speaking Champion Darren Tay.

And while he doesn’t have to do this because he is already financially successful, he chooses to continue sharing as his way of paying it forward and leaving a legacy.
If you’re seriously interested in building a successful stock portfolio as well, register now and turn up for our Introductory Workshop.

Seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis and we reserve the right to turn away any participants who are not serious about Yuan Cheng’s "O.M.B. Investing Strategy". 

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(This Seminar Will Be Conducted In English)


Yuan Cheng

At a relatively young age, Yuan Cheng discovered his passion for business and investing.

Shortly after achieving a diploma in business studies from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), he began his career as an Assistance Vice-President in Equity Sales with Cimb Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd which provided him with opportunities in client acquisitions, equities deal sales such as IPO and connecting with various speakers in the field for his clientele.

Being an ex-stock broker, he often witnessed many people losing money in the stock market. Because of the strict limitations of his job, he could only sit back and watch in silence.

It was then he decided to quit his job, to become a full-time investor and coach.  To coach individuals to invest in the stock market the safe and profitable way.
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