Shocking: Many Malaysians Are Using This Strategy To Accumulate Wealth From The Stock Market
"O.M.B. Investing STRATEGY"
... and how this helped many Ordinary Malaysians create their source of passive incomes.


  • ​Discover how we can find undervalued stocks just like Warren Buffett with a systematic and step-by-step approach to effectively propel our investing profits by buying the right stocks.
  • ​Apply the "O.M.B. Investing Strategy" on how to analyse the intrinsic value of stocks within minutes without spending hours of our time reading complicated financial statements and annual reports. 
  • Market timing is key. Not only do we need to know when to buy the right companies at the right time, but also to know when is the right time to exit.
  • Learn how to value companies in the industry we are looking at. Examine the intangible know-hows of companies whether they possess strong management, knowledge-base or technological assets that can give us insights of the future-growth of the companies before making our investment.
  • And much, much more…
Why The "O.M.B. Investing Strategy" Is The Proven Methodology To Succeed In The Stock Market?
Simply because unlike most other investing strategies...
Many Beginners Are Learning How To Master 
This Powerful Strategy For Themselves

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Here’s the REAL challenge…
Kosh is an international bilingual speaker. He had shared the stage with business tycoons such as Mary Buffett (Buffett’s Family) and Sean Seah (Asian’s Buffettologist) to speak about his strategy to investing.

And while he doesn’t have to do this because he is already financially successful, he chooses to continue sharing as his way of paying it forward and leaving a legacy.
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Koshilan Kosh

Kosh strongly believes that language barriers in investing are very low because he is an Engineer by training and not from a Finance or Economic background. Even if you have no knowledge about trading, so long as you start investing early, your wealth will compound over time. 

Although Kosh has achieved financial freedom, he continues to share his investment strategy that worked for him. He believes that if anyone was to apply his method, their investments portfolio would perform way better than those who did not apply it.
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