Singapore’s Top Serial Property Investor Reveals: 
How Ordinary Singaporeans Can Build A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio & Receive Consistent Rental Income.
This seminar (worth $97) is fully sponsored by Ace Success Academy
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Speaking at the seminar is Serial Property Investor and Business Owner, Dr Patrick Liew.
About Dr Patrick Liew
Founder and CEO of HSR Realty, One of Singapore’s 
largest real estate firms.
A veteran trainer of property investing, having trained 
over 10,000 people worldwide how to own multiple properties and generate passive rental income.
"It totally covered all my blind spots and made me even more effective in property investing."
Patrick's example in owning a hotel with no money, simply beat all the other street smarts that I've seen, it blew my mind away…
Anyone from the property novice to veteran should attend his course. It totally covered all my blind spots and made me even more effective in property investing.

~Francis Tan
"...learning from the dazzling property master guru - Dr Patrick Liew, we are energized with further inspirations to be Investpreneurs!"
In our endeavor to pursue our dreams to attain further financial freedom, we got somehow stuck at the TDSR issues that force us to remain rather stagnant in the property investments till date.
However, learning from the dazzling property master guru - Dr Patrick Liew, we are energized with further inspirations to be Investpreneurs! He is such a great blessing to us all!

~ James and Alice Yap
Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award For Social Contribution, among many other awards, for his huge contribution to social and charitable causes.
In this Free training, you will discover…
How You Can Build A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio & Receive Passive Rental Income For Freedom & Retirement.
99% of Singapore millionaires became millionaires directly or indirectly through property investing… 
And 2 of the top 10 richest man in Singapore made their wealth through real estate!
How to spot undervalued property deals in the current market of high prices, and flip it for huge profits.
Already a property owner? You will learn how to quickly raise the value of your property for even higher rental or sale price.
Why you should NOT buy a property based on location alone. Dr Patrick Liew
explains how Timing the economic development of an area is more important.
A “little known” method to ensure your property will always be rented out regardless of economic conditions… so that you will never have to worry about cash flow issues!
And many other property investing secrets to help you become a successful investor with multiple properties and streams of rental income!
"Not only has Dr Patrick proven to be extremely successful in track record, he has also shown that all his achievements are based on strict integrity."
I personally have not gotten enough of him and definitely these past 2 days is too short and absolutely an unforgettable learning experience for me. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone without a blink…

~ Alan Lee
"I did not have to drag him to the course – in fact, he was very intrigued by Dr Patrick’s sharing (particularly his no-money-down strategy)"
My hubby Victor Wong and I attended the seminar with our elder son, Daryl. He is likely the youngest student in the class – no, I did not have to drag him to the course – in fact, he was very intrigued by Dr Patrick’s sharing (particularly his no-money-down strategy). Dr Patrick is a sincere and honorable man with a heart of gold, based on my past encounters with him!

~ Melissa Neo
Why You Must Attend This Training
  • You want to earn additional income by putting your money in a safe asset.
  • ​You always wanted to invest in a property, but want to know the right way of doing it by learning from an expert. 
  • ​You always wanted to start property investing, but didn’t know how to start because you lack capital or money. 
  • You failed to make money from properties previously, but want to try again learning the right way from a veteran property investor. 
  • ​You want to build up a property portfolio with multiple streams of rental income so you can retire early, retire rich!
Bonus: Get 4 Property Secrets From Dr Patrick Liew
Before You Attend His Live Training!
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. I don't have hundreds of thousands of spare cash to invest another property now? Can I still attend?

You can still attend, because you don't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in properties. The biggest myth about property investing is you need lots of money. Dr Patrick Liew himself have invested in many properties using just few hundreds to thousands of dollars. He will share his 'little-to-no-money-down' strategy during the seminar.

2. Do you have another date and time for this event?

No. Dr Patrick Liew runs multiple businesses, and often travel for business trips or property site visits. On other days, he organizes social and charitable events for the underprivileged. Hence, it is very difficult to invite him do free talks like this. If you can't make it for this event, you can still register first, and we will update you if we have similar events in the future.

3. Will you sell me properties at this seminar?

This is an educational seminar by Dr Patrick Liew, sharing his 20 over years of experience in property investing. It not a sales launch for a property project.

4. Singapore properties are so expensive now. How to buy?

Yes, Singapore properties are on the higher side now, but there are still undervalued properties in the market, only if you know how to find it. This is why Dr Patrick Liew will teach you his strategy to spot undervalued property deals in the market. After learning from him, you can invest not only in Singapore, but properties in other countries as well

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